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Cleaning up all the Team One mechs. A few more hours and I will have cleaned all of it, including rebuilding the flippers.

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Total Nuclear Annihilation

TNA: I love it whether I fail or succeed. It is so fucking good it makes me want to cry.

Had a great time with Eric, Rob, and Chris playing dollar games at Brixie’s tonight. We played a lot of TNA and a bit of each of the other machines. I won zero, but i actually played pretty consistently and had some pretty great games. I really need to watch some tutorials and study the rules for these ones.

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Getting back into Team One

Space in the garage has opened up a bit so i’m getting back into my Team One restore. It’s a bit slow going as I try to remember where i was with everything. I pulled out the Chime unit and tilt mechs. Rebuilding chimes with the Pinball Resource kit is absolutely worth it because… BELLS!

I’ll probably be spending the next few weeks rebuilding all the mechs i’ve pulled off. Will also need to tear down and rebuild both drop targets because they are really cruddy.

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Brixie’s monthly tournament

Attended my first official pinball tournament at Brixie’s. In the past i’ve always arrived as the tourney was ending to play dollar games with the remnant. 

I’m not sure that I like tournaments. I was really nervous and there were a lot of people. On the plus side, I got to meet Krystle in real life for the first time. It was good making that connection and to meet some of her Belles and Chimes friends. 

Overall, my anxiety and the fact that i am not familiar with the rules for any of these machines made it less fun than it could have been. I’m still committed to doing these tourneys, but i need to get some practice in to actually enjoy it! 

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