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Category: process

Tree woes

One of the challenges in making this painting based upon the 7x7cm landscape I painted is that there are times when I need to use my imagination to add detail in service of the painting, rather than solely base my painting from the small source. I went into this tree with some measure of caution, but quickly got wrapped up in the detail and went way overboard. In the second image below you can see that the bare tree in the foreground lost it’s definition, particularly where it overlapped with the green tree behind it. As much as i would like each painting session to perfectly portray my vision, this didn’t. So late last night I went back in and started blocking out limbs and putting definition back into the tree. The trickiest parts will be cleaning up limbs that intersect the sky—i’m going to do as little of that as possible. The next pass will be focused on the underpainting of the green tree, then repainting the black limbs where they need to be cleaned up.

7. improvements
6. tree limbs and general overworking
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Larger landscapes (process)

I’ve been planning to do larger, acrylic on wood versions of some of the smaller landscapes I did earlier last year. The idea is to use the small painting as the source rather than the original photograph. Below are the first three sittings. I like where it’s headed.

1: sky and reflection underpainting
2: tree and tree reflection
3: bringing more color into sky and reflection
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Fireplace demolition

We decided it was high-time to do something about the fireplace and bookshelf area in our living room that has bothered us since we moved in. Over the last few days I tore out all of the existing bookshelf and fireplace stuff down to the studs in preparation for a remodel. I was trying to save a lot of the good lumber so it took a bit extra work to peel off the layers without just banging and sawing out everything.

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Tools of the trade

I’m making these little gouache paintings using a mega set of cheap gouache i purchased online. It’s not the best paint to work with, but it’s good enough for these experiments and where i’m at right now. If i keep going I’ll definitely need to upgrade the paint (because I LOVE mixing quality pigments).

As usual, i am using mostly quality brushes because painting with good brushes increases joy by 50%.

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