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Category: process

Larger landscapes (process)

I’ve been planning to do larger, acrylic on wood versions of some of the smaller landscapes I did earlier last year. The idea is to use the small painting as the source rather than the original photograph. Below are the first three sittings. I like where it’s headed.

1: sky and reflection underpainting
2: tree and tree reflection
3: bringing more color into sky and reflection
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Fireplace demolition

We decided it was high-time to do something about the fireplace and bookshelf area in our living room that has bothered us since we moved in. Over the last few days I tore out all of the existing bookshelf and fireplace stuff down to the studs in preparation for a remodel. I was trying to save a lot of the good lumber so it took a bit extra work to peel off the layers without just banging and sawing out everything.

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