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Sinbad Baseball

Over the last several days I’ve been playing around with a baseball themed way of scoring and playing Sinbad. Essentially, one game is an inning for one player, and each drop target bank represents a hit. The 3-bank is a triple, the 4-bank a home run, etc. Runners on base advance logically based upon what’s hit.

This weekend I had a chance to play test with my son Josiah. We played two nine-inning games. It was really fun. The main challenge is keeping track of who’s on base and how many runs, since it can get pretty fast and confusing in the moment.

I’ve started to think about creating an arduino or raspberry pi driven interface for the baseball scoring, and last night I started writing out notes for the design and coding of that ruleset and the user interface. I’m really hoping I can put this together, just as a fun experiment.

In any case, I’m having fun thinking about it and making plans and stretching my brain.

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