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Taxi bell woes

Got a new clapper and coil for the bell so I could hook it up. Unfortunately now as soon as the power is on the bell rings. Bad transistor? I don’t have it in me tonight to troubleshoot.

I did manage to fix a couple other annoying issues on Taxi. The Dracula catapult now sends the ball perfectly on the ramp, whereas before it was getting rejected about half the time. Adjusted the spinout kicker switch to prevent it from kicking early like it had been. Also adjusted the trough switch, it was occasionally not triggering.

I broke down and ordered a new spinout ramp. Mine is broken in a few places. I was procrastinating that purchase but I gotta get that spinout adjusted correctly and it’s impossible the way it is. Plus, you never know when these parts are going to go out of stock and the last thing I need is to pay extra in a couple years just because i missed the production run.

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