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Designing a disc golf course

Decided to design and build out a short disc golf course on our property. I came up with a design for a 7 hole course using 5 baskets. Here’s the design I’m going (until I change my mind).

To build this out, I first used a google map application to rough in the course lines on a satellite image. This was a great way to get a sense for distances on the terrain without a lot of fuss. I ended up with this:

Last night the weather was pretty good so I went out with a couple of discs to play test the layout. I took my phone and logged GPS markers for where I thought the tees and holes should be. I made some changes along the way and took my new maps and points into consideration for creating the final plan.

I then imported the new GPS course points and used a couple of maps to re-draw the course as an illustration. I calculated the final distance and elevation change for each hole. For this course, i won’t construct tee pads but I plan to make signs at each tee with nice illustrations.

Now to buy the first set of baskets!

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