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Returning to painting

Just above the tree line on the trail to Chasm Lake. 24×18 inches, acrylic on paper.

Has it really been nearly four months since I started this painting? In this period of quarantine stress, lockdowns, social upheaval, and massive shifts in my daily life, I have been without the motivation to paint. Like a fool who has learned nothing about self-motivation I have waited to feel it again. But for me, action precedes inspiration and motivation. Surprise, surprise… just getting started was all I needed to reconnect. Returning to painting has returned me to painting.

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Iceland painting

I’ve been wanting to experiment with painting landscapes for a long time now, and i finally bit the bullet and picked a photo from our anniversary trip to Iceland in 2010 to paint from and present to my lovely bride for an anniversary gift.

Gouache on primed wood. 15×9 inches

Painting with gouache is really different than acrylic in a number of ways. I had a blast making this painting and learned quite a bit along the way. I’m going to start another one of these soon.

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