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PinVault (Indianapolis)

Thanks to some real lucky connections, we were able to get into the PinVault for a couple of hours on Tuesday. What a great space and collection! Thanks to Matt, Ben, and Jon, for making it possible.

Special mention to some games i hadn’t played before and thoroughly enjoyed:

  • Victory
  • Hard Body
  • Future Spa

They also had the best working NBA Fastbreak i’d ever played, and a really great mix of early solid state, 80′s, and 90′s games. Not to mention some really nice beers on tap.

It’s worth noting that the beer selection at La Margarita (below PinVault) is OUT OF THIS WORLD. And over at New Day we tasted the Imperial Breakfast Magpie which was a goddam revelation. A fun night in Indy and my first real exploration of Fountain Square.

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