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High score: Star Wars

Quite possibly the single best game of pinball i’ve ever played. Han Solo is ma dude. I was jittery for about an hour after this. What fun!

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Updating Star Wars code

First time ever updating a modern pinball machine. Pretty neat stuff. I wish I had made note of some of the settings first, but i think I got it set back just fine.I gotta say, Stern really did a great job with all of the maintenance related stuff on this pin.

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Millennium Falcon mod (final)

Wanted to post the final version with properly sculpted lens (I sanded down the excess), including the vertical striations etched in with a dremel. It’s tied to some controlled lighting right now but after playing a premium on location that was lit the whole time I think I’ll end up moving it to a persistent GI socket. I’m glad I did this.

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Baby steps (M.F. mod)

Cut the makrolon for the “lens” with some newly acquired snips. Turns out metal snips are perfect for rough cutting materials in the plexi family. Random reading on Pinside often yields tips like these.

I’ve still got to figure out the bracket solution. I ordered a cutting blade for my dremel (misplaced all my attachments!) and I’ll be cutting an access for the bulbs later this week. I’ll sand out and refine the shape of the lens when I can test with light.

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Working on a Star Wars mod

Used the dremel to grind out the plastic on this millennium falcon toy (from the X-Wing game) where the blue lit propulsion area is. is that hyperdrive or rockets or engine or what? I have no idea but it will glow blue. I’m cutting some plexi to fit in perfectly there and it will serve as a lens for the LEDs inside the ship.

Next i need to figure out my bracket endgame so i can create a hatch or hole on the bottom of the ship to insert the 2 LED sockets.

Must say again how much i love the Comet Matrix system. I’m going to add the dimmer component on this so i can dial it in perfectly.

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Star Wars (pro) comes home

Friday night after I put the kids to bed I drove over to Brixie’s to pick up this lovely machine (Rob has replaced it with an LE or Premium). What a crazy, beautiful, fun game this is. The more I play it, the more impressed I am. The use of the theatrical score is perfect, and all the sounds are so authentic that it really becomes immersive. The light show is pretty great too, with subtle and dramatic lighting coinciding with the game play.

Now I need to focus on selling a few games to make room and to help pay for this one!

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