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Category: pinball

Taxi repairs and upgrades

  • New spinout. New traffic light plastic (finally found one!)
  • Repaired the spinout indicator lights (resoldered a couple of broken wires). Repaired a post light that was damaged too.
  • The only thing left to fix on this baby is a single flasher and the bell.

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High score: Star Wars

Quite possibly the single best game of pinball i’ve ever played. Han Solo is ma dude. I was jittery for about an hour after this. What fun!

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Updating Star Wars code

First time ever updating a modern pinball machine. Pretty neat stuff. I wish I had made note of some of the settings first, but i think I got it set back just fine.I gotta say, Stern really did a great job with all of the maintenance related stuff on this pin.

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Vectorizing Team One fundamentals

I’ve built every element on the playfield into vectors, setting the stage for a document that will serve as a full scale design template. VERY close to handing off to my partner in crime who’ll be doing the playfield art for this project.

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More Team One vectors

Added the plastic posts, drop targets, and wood rails (just barely shown), and made the inserts the correct colors.

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