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May River and Palmetto Tree

This small painting of the May River and marshes at high tide captured the scene and the moment pretty well without overdoing it. It was my first time using the great new Holbein gouache paints that I received got as a gift last Christmas. They are really wonderful to use compared to the cheap-o stuff i was working with earlier. There is enough pigment to do supple washes and also highly saturated or deep parts. The layering is divine..

May River Marshes. Gouache on Paper, 2020

I really enjoy the act of creating observation work in nature. It helps focus my attention on the beauty and complexity of the world around me. This Palmetto tree is one of the more complex things i’ve attempted to draw recently and I like it.

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Indonesia. 7cm x 7cm, gouache on paper.

This subject comes by way of my old friend Vineetha. When we met up last summer I asked her what the best place she ever traveled to was. Answer: Indonesia. After looking it up I was inspired to make a painting—I hope to go there some day.

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Wildcat Canyon

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, California. 7cm x 7cm, gouache on paper

The source photo for this was taken by my friend Clint Marsh. I met Clint at my friend Greg’s 40th birthday party after hearing about him for years. Clint is a published author and creator of Fiddler’s Green, a truly magical publication. Over the course of three days I fell in love with Clint’s peaceful disposition, humor, wit, and sincerity. I’m glad we’ve stayed in touch.

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Cala Ratjada, Islas Baleares

Cala Ratjada, Islas Baleares, Spain. 7cm x 7cm, gouache on paper.

This is the first tiny landscape in a series of 30 paintings based upon photos from friends. Today’s source photo was provided by a different Ben from Germany who I’ve enjoyed following on instagram for a few years.

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