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Baby steps (M.F. mod)

Cut the makrolon for the “lens” with some newly acquired snips. Turns out metal snips are perfect for rough cutting materials in the plexi family. Random reading on Pinside often yields tips like these.

I’ve still got to figure out the bracket solution. I ordered a cutting blade for my dremel (misplaced all my attachments!) and I’ll be cutting an access for the bulbs later this week. I’ll sand out and refine the shape of the lens when I can test with light.

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Working on a Star Wars mod

Used the dremel to grind out the plastic on this millennium falcon toy (from the X-Wing game) where the blue lit propulsion area is. is that hyperdrive or rockets or engine or what? I have no idea but it will glow blue. I’m cutting some plexi to fit in perfectly there and it will serve as a lens for the LEDs inside the ship.

Next i need to figure out my bracket endgame so i can create a hatch or hole on the bottom of the ship to insert the 2 LED sockets.

Must say again how much i love the Comet Matrix system. I’m going to add the dimmer component on this so i can dial it in perfectly.

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Star Wars (pro) comes home

Friday night after I put the kids to bed I drove over to Brixie’s to pick up this lovely machine (Rob has replaced it with an LE or Premium). What a crazy, beautiful, fun game this is. The more I play it, the more impressed I am. The use of the theatrical score is perfect, and all the sounds are so authentic that it really becomes immersive. The light show is pretty great too, with subtle and dramatic lighting coinciding with the game play.

Now I need to focus on selling a few games to make room and to help pay for this one!

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Taxi bell woes

Got a new clapper and coil for the bell so I could hook it up. Unfortunately now as soon as the power is on the bell rings. Bad transistor? I don’t have it in me tonight to troubleshoot.

I did manage to fix a couple other annoying issues on Taxi. The Dracula catapult now sends the ball perfectly on the ramp, whereas before it was getting rejected about half the time. Adjusted the spinout kicker switch to prevent it from kicking early like it had been. Also adjusted the trough switch, it was occasionally not triggering.

I broke down and ordered a new spinout ramp. Mine is broken in a few places. I was procrastinating that purchase but I gotta get that spinout adjusted correctly and it’s impossible the way it is. Plus, you never know when these parts are going to go out of stock and the last thing I need is to pay extra in a couple years just because i missed the production run.

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Cleaning up all the Team One mechs. A few more hours and I will have cleaned all of it, including rebuilding the flippers.

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Getting tidy and organized

Long overdue clean-up of my space. I should have taken “before” photos! I’m going to clear coat the two main work tables as they badly need refinishing. Tonight I repainted the white table white and I’ll some water based poly on them over the course of the week.

I fixed a minor issue on transformers with the trough switch, and then I marked out where I need to grind a groove on these new William flipper bats so they fit in the old em mechs. I am unsure whether I need to do this but the old style ones are no longer available and mine are torn to shit. I’d like to get space mission up and running again, which will motivate me to rebuild the match unit and then maybe I’ll sell it.

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Total Nuclear Annihilation

TNA: I love it whether I fail or succeed. It is so fucking good it makes me want to cry.

Had a great time with Eric, Rob, and Chris playing dollar games at Brixie’s tonight. We played a lot of TNA and a bit of each of the other machines. I won zero, but i actually played pretty consistently and had some pretty great games. I really need to watch some tutorials and study the rules for these ones.

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Getting back into Team One

Space in the garage has opened up a bit so i’m getting back into my Team One restore. It’s a bit slow going as I try to remember where i was with everything. I pulled out the Chime unit and tilt mechs. Rebuilding chimes with the Pinball Resource kit is absolutely worth it because… BELLS!

I’ll probably be spending the next few weeks rebuilding all the mechs i’ve pulled off. Will also need to tear down and rebuild both drop targets because they are really cruddy.

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